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Hi, my name is Salwa Salim from Singapore. I am an entrepreneur and my area of expertise is in women’s reproductive health and Malay midwifery. I run a successful massage clinic in Singapore where my team provides services for women during their pregnancy, postpartum and post-miscarriage period and for women trying to get pregnant.

I am now based in Washington D.C metro area, U.S.A. My work here revolves around postpartum care based on my Malay traditions. I provide training and certification for practitioners for bengkung belly binding. I am active in the birthing community, and I advocate for #RightToRestAfterBirth.

In 2008, I received a full scholarship from National University Singapore Hospital to study radiotherapy for cancer treatment and continue to complete my Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Imaging. I have work experience in public government hospitals and private clinics. My job scope includes performing x-rays, mammography and ultrasound scans— including women’s reproductive organs. My education and work experience gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the woman’s reproductive organs.

I come from a lineage of traditional midwives and healers. My father is from Singapore with paternal Indonesian ancestry, and my mother was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. My mother was orphaned at 2 years old and was brought up by her maternal grandmother, who was the village midwife. She used to follow her late grandmother wherever she went exposing her to the world of Malay midwifery from a very young age. My mother also had a paternal step-grandfather who was the medicine man of their village.

My knowledge and experience are not my own but the collective wisdom of women who willingly share and teach me. It comes from my mother and the many Malay practitioners who have worked for me over the decade. I continue to acquire knowledge through research, books, formal and informal training, consultations, and conversations with Malay practitioners, herbalists, and healers throughout Malaysia and Borneo.

In a true fashion of ‘East meets West’, I aim to bridge the wisdom from the Malay birthing traditions to modern perspective, medical understanding and scientific insights. I work towards preserving my tradition, creating an industry standard for future generations, and educating and adding cultural context to the Malay tradition that is being practised in the U.S and outside of the Malay world. My work has received national recognition in Singapore. I am regularly invited to collaborate/speak/consult/advise organisations and institutions such as museums, universities, Singapore National Heritage Board, and birthing related conferences. I have been interviewed on TV and radio, mentioned in publications, referenced in journals and featured in newspapers and magazines.

I am a mother myself, birthing 3 beautiful boys in 3 years. My days are filled with chasing my toddler boys, which keeps me busy outside of work. For leisure, I enjoy going to countries with languages I don’t speak to experience cultures that are diversely different from my own. I also enjoy reading satirical comedic sci-fi or fantasy, watch scary movies, and I love riding motorcycles!

Mummy's Massage


Mummy’s Massage provides prenatal, postnatal and post-miscarriage care and massage services to women in Singapore. We provide services in our massage clinic or in-home for clients who prefer to rest at home and observe the confinement period.

Mummy's Fertility


Mummy’s Fertility provides natural fertility treatment for women trying to get pregnant. We provide services to help women trying to get pregnant naturally or help women increase their chances of successful IUI or IVF treatment.

Birth Matron


Birth Matron focuses on training women and birth workers to be matrons through certifications programs on postpartum care, bengkung belly binding, vaginal steaming and more. We provide wholesale authentic bengkung belly binds and other postpartum herbs and equipment.